As a result of masturbation

masturbation is a bad habit that most people never do, especially men. Masturbation is usually done when a human child at the age of 14 years and over. Masturbation is done to satisfy the desire of human passion that can not be done lampiaskan and rubbing his genitals with his hands or a particular device.

Some of us may have heard statements like the above. For those who have never heard the above statement is a statement usually associated with masturbation. Masturbation is often associated with several myths such as the sentence above, too often it will make the knee hollow, dried sperm, even blindness.

Before discussing further, as for the definition of masturbation have to do manual stimulation of genitalia (Handayani, 2008), which is usually done by fantasizing about sexual relationships. men usually do with fantasizing about women masturbating in the surrounding areas. Whereas for women, masturbation fantasy done with a broader, even artists who emerged the screen glass is also frequently become the object of fantasy in masturbation women.
Like other topics of sexuality, masturbation is also a lot of things that are not openly discussed. Based on the data I have, Castleman (2009) explained that in America, as much as 38% of women masturbated and 61% of men do. While in Indonesia alone, according to Pangkahila (in Handayani, 2008), almost all men masturbate, and about 70-80% of women masturbate.

Castleman (2009) explains that men masturbate more often performed as a teenager to middle age (40tahun), and the number is much reduced when the man reaches the age of 50 years. Whereas for women, ages 20 to 39 is the age group most often to masturbate. At the age of 18-20 and above 40 years, the behavior of these masturbation lower frequencies. As for 25% of men and 10% of women masturbated at least once a week (Kelly, in Handayani, 2008). Studies conducted also showed that masturbation increases with increasing high level of education, frequency of emergence of thoughts associated with sexuality, sexual experimentation before puberty, and increased the amount a person has sexual intercourse. For women, masturbation lower frequency in individuals who are ill, while men still masturbate either healthy or sick at the time (Castlemen, 2009).

Masturbation was considered more negative. However, according to Pinkerton et al (in Gerressu et al, 2008), masturbation is a healthy sexual activity. Not much different with these opinions, Barreca (2009) also argue that masturbation is one way to reduce unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. Launmann et al (in Geressu et al, 2008) found that individuals not only to masturbate to channel sexual desire, but also to feel the relaxation and sleep. Even the Australian study showed that men aged 20-50 years who ejaculated more than five times per week had 30% less likely to contract prostate cancer (

Masturbation is not only done by individuals who are not married, married couples had to masturbate (Kelly, in Handayani, 2008). The reason they masturbate ranging from a couple who refused to be invited to have sex and do not feel the satisfaction when exposed. For the last reason, masturbation became one of the solutions that can help. With masturbation, individuals can better know himself. By knowing which body parts considered ‘fun’ to touch and communicate with your partner, it is expected that sexual intercourse can be done to give satisfaction to both parties.

Like other things, the data above show that masturbation also has positive and negative sides. Nevertheless, the assessment of masturbation back on each individual, with a view or input data above for the best use.

For men masturbation can be fatal, but there are also some people who explain that masturbation does not have a negative effect.

Here below are the negative effects of the frequency of masturbation (Male – Male)

* Undermining the genitals as a means for sexual intercourse, and little by little it will be increasingly weakened (weak).
* Will make the veins of the body getting weaker, due to hard work in order to issue masturbating semen.
* Highly influenced the development of a vital tool, and probably will not grow as usual.
* Equipment will be vital menbengkak, so that the perpetrators be easy to remove semen.
* Leave your pain in the joints of the spine, where the semen out of him. And consequences of the illness, the back will be bent.
* Causing often feel trembling limbs, as in the legs. etc..
* Masturbation can cause the glands of the brain become weak, so that thinking becomes less and less power, decreases taham power, and memory is also weakening.
* Seeing the less sharp, because the eyes are no longer normal as before.
* Masturbation can also cause male premature ejaculation.

For women, masturbation can cause lecetnya vaginal wall and also easy entry of bacteria found on the nails and fingers.

So you still doing masturbation  today?

remember masturbation is a sin….


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