Obesity is the serious manners in human life


who is not familiar with the disease of obesity

whether obesity harmful?

Obesity is defined as a disorder or disease, characterized by accumulation of excessive body fat. The difficulty of overcoming obesity causes obesity prioritizing prevention efforts directed more that it cure. That means the prevention of obesity should be done since childhood. Abnormalities hormonal of obesity in children make them have a high-risk become obese in adulthood. Besides, obesity also potentially experiences various causes of illness and death. Obesity can be divided into two types. First, primary obesity, due to food consumed exceeds the body’s energy needs, it makes people have overweight. Secondary obesity is a disease that is caused by hormonal, congenital, endocrine, or other conditions.

This is to avoid obesity. Try not to eat too much fast food or junk food. If unavoidable, ask for smaller portions for you when eating. When you at a fast food restaurant and have big portions of that food, then try to avoid the coke. Get used to eating vegetables and fruits as a counterweight. Make a habit of consuming Herbalife nutritional also are useful for the fulfillment of your nutrition. For those of you who are overweight, you also can use the Herbalife as consumption for balancing your body. Many people who have tried this product and it worked. Watch your body before you hit by obesity.

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